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How to prevent dust PM 2.5 Avoid going outside the house during dust warnings. (You can check through the AirVisual application >> Recommended App (free) to check dust values ​​greater than PM 2.5 throughout Bangkok and surrounding areas ) If it is necessary to go out during the warning period that the amount of dust is higher than normal. You should wear an N95 mask every time because normal masks cannot filter PM 2.5 dust ( >> N95 masks save the lives of Bangkokians from PM 2.5 dust ) If there is no need to go outside Should be inside the house or inside the building Close doors and windows tightly. Fill holes in various openings with a cloth or cloth moistened with water. Including the mosquito screen should be cleaned regularly. Avoid doing activities outside the home such as exercising or working hard. Patients in high-risk groups, the elderly, pregnant women, and young children must take special care of their health and avoid exposure to dusty air. avoid smoking Cooking food that has a lot of smoke without a hood Use a car with smoke from the exhaust pipe. Do not burn garbage, especially garbage that contains toxic substances such as plastic, car tires, and general garbage. Drink lots of water and refrain from smoking during periods when there is a lot of dust in the air.

What is PM 2.5 and how dangerous is it? And how can it be prevented?

“Faint fog and smoke are so similar that sometimes you can’t tell,” as P’Bird’s song says. What you see is fog. Actually, right now, Bangkok people and neighboring provinces have seen It is dust that has microscopic particles. Their size is 20 times smaller than

“Hygienic masks” may be the cause of "Eye stye-dry eye"

“Hygienic masks” may be the cause of “Eye stye-dry eye”

Wearing a hygienic mask incorrectly Dirty face mask It can be a cause of eye stye disease and dry eyes. Face mask Eye stye causes Prof. Wutthikun Dr. Sakchai Wongsakittirak Academic President of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists of Thailand And the head of Thammasat

Can "N95 masks" be reused? When should I change?

Can “N95 masks” be reused? When should I change?

During the time that the dust had not yet disappeared from our house and must still be vigilant at all times We may need to use N95 masks frequently, maybe every day. Especially when you have to stay outside for a long time, but N95

Be aware! What is preeclampsia? What types of pregnant mothers are at risk?

Be aware! What is preeclampsia? What types of pregnant mothers are at risk?

I believe that many mothers may have questions about the difference between pre-eclampsia and high-risk pregnancy. High-risk pregnancy conditions are various conditions that occur during pregnancy. It can occur during pregnancy, during delivery, and after delivery, while preeclampsia is a complication caused by pregnancy. Today, we would like to invite mothers

4 important factors Helps prevent autism from the beginning of pregnancy.

4 important factors Helps prevent autism from the beginning of pregnancy.

Complications that occur during pregnancy , even though they are things that mothers cannot predict. But these problems do not have any way to prevent them, especially autism. This is one of the risks that can occur to pregnant mothers quite high. and is likely to continue increasing In the year