Chelsea legend points out Pochettino’s biggest mistake in the summer transfer market

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Former Chelsea midfielder Joe Cole pinpoints where Mauricio Pochettino made the biggest mistake in the summer transfer window. It is a change in offensive strength. until it seemed to fall back into the canal

Chelsea legend points out Pochettino's biggest mistake in the summer transfer market

Joe Cole , a famous former Chelsea midfielder , clearly points out the point that Mauricio Pochettino, the manager of the Blues team. Made the biggest mistake in the ทางเข้า ufabet market this past summer. That is, insisting on not using and loaning out Romelu Lukaku to Roma while spending hundreds of millions of pounds on a shopping budget. Bought several new strikers and wide receivers. But the results are still intangible until now.

From losing 0-2 to Brentford on Saturday, Chelsea have only one point from the last 2 games and lost for the 4th time from the first 10 Premier League games this season.

The first 10 games still passed with Chelsea scoring only 13 goals. Less than almost every team in the top half of the table, with Raheem Sterling scoring the most goals with three, followed by Nicholas Jackson, Mikailo Mudrik and Cole Palmer. That can make 2 balls all the same.

Pochettino has previously accepted this situation. The offensive line of the Singha team this season Shockingly low quality and has not been able to solve the problem of the shortage of target center forwards until now

Recently, Joe Cole said, “Romelu Lukaku, despite all his mistakes, he still scores goals. He has had success with Inter Milan and has previously made an impact with Everton and West Bromwich in this league. So why can’t he score against Chelsea?”

“Now he is starting to settle down with Roma, so we have to take a look at ourselves. that there is something wrong with our club right now.”

“I don’t blame the manager. He and his team have tried everything. And I don’t blame the players. They are all top players.”

“But this squad of players is not balanced. And there is something wrong with the club’s roots. You might mention this or that. But in the end The result was that we were unable to score.”