How do poker scores count?

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For poker, every card has a different order. Even if the card points are the same But the suit will also affect the size or size of the card. The order of counting the points from highest to lowest is A (Ace), K (King), Q (Queen), J (Jack), T (Ten/10), 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4. , 3, 2 Part 1 can use A card instead.

Vocabulary to know before playing Poker

In playing poker. We often hear players speak in unfamiliar words. Which is a term that is popularly used in poker circles. The words that are often used are as follows:

Big blind 

means the player is set to place a full bet. This position will be rotated to the other players in the UFABET table in a circle to the dealer’s left.

Small blind 

means the player is set to bet half of the minimum bet. This position is next to the player who is the Big blind, and it will cycle to other players as well as the Big blind.


means the dealer here is the person who will be the last person to place a bet. There is no duty to deal cards in any way. It is a rather advantageous position. 


refers to the face-up cards in the game.


refers to the pot that is all bets on the table. And this pile of money will go to the winner of that round.


means fight by placing a bet equal to the maximum bet amount now. (similar to auction)


means fold, where players discard their hand when they think they are not good enough.


means to pass when a player does not want to place additional bets. If no game starts the next round.


means to raise the bet from the current bet amount.


means betting with all the money that is included with the previous stake. Also known as Pour out of the lap will be used in cases where there are not enough chips to fight. The bets placed after this will be outside the pot (sidepot). If the All-in wins only the pot money will be received.


means the first 3 cards dealt on the table.


means the 4th card face up on the table.


means the last face-up card on the table.


means a high card that is paired with a pair or two pairs of cards.

Muchked cards 

means discarding cards without anyone seeing them.


means players who win often.


means the player who loses often. lose the most money

Rounds of betting 

refers to betting rounds.


refers to the commission that the casino deducts from the pot every time.

How are you doing with this article? Should be enough to understand the basics of poker cards. Tact and planning are more important than bets and luck. For those who are not familiar with the term, it’s okay. When you’re fluent. This card game that you forget other card games that are available in online casinos.