How to play Pok Deng

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  1. before the cards are dealt The dealer will be able to limit the bet amount. And everyone has to place bets first.
  2. The dealer starts to deal 2 cards to every player, each with two cards, either left or right. But the last person to be dealt is the dealer.
  3. Bring the points from the two cards together.
  4. The player who receives the poker card must show the card immediately.
  5. If the dealer gets Pok All players must show their cards immediately.
  6. If the dealer does not pok Players can call a 3rd card, 1 card per person.
  7. Before the dealer handles the 3rd card, the dealer can call 2 or 3 cards against the player.
  8. after caught The dealer can draw a 3rd card to continue playing with the remaining players.
  9. Players can stop playing as soon as the round ends.
  10. If the dealer wants to cancel, he must inform at least 3 times in advance.
Pokdeng 2

Counting Pok deng points

The normal score counting process is as follows: UFABET

  1. Cards J, Q, K (three foreigners) are worth 0 points.
  2. The Ace card is worth 1 point.
  3. The numbered card has a value equal to the number on the face of the card.
  4. If someone gets 9 points (Pok Kao) or 8 points (Pok Eight), they can finish at that point. because it is considered a big card in order
  5. If there is no one to pok Let the total points be measured together. or can call 1 more card
  6. If the total point exceeds 10, use the unit digit to count the points, for example 4 and 7 cards are 11, it is considered 1 point.
  7. If the total point exceeds 10 and the unit digit equals 0, it is counted as a blind card.

special counting

In addition to normal point counting, Pok Deng also has special point counting. which has the following conditions

  1. If someone has the same card in hand or 2 of the same number, it is considered a double bounce . If winning, you will receive 2 times the money.
  2. And if someone gets 3 cards of the same flower or the same number to be considered as three bounces , if winning will receive 3 times the money
  3. In the case of receiving 3 cards of J, Q or K ( three foreigners ) without having to have the same suit Considered to have a higher score than 9 with three cards. Also known as 9 backs, if winning with three foreign cards, you will receive 3 times the payout.
  4. If 3 cards of the same number are obtained and the points are more than 9, non-Pok and Sam foreigners are considered triple cards, if they win, they will receive 5 times their money.
  5. But if you are dealt 3 numbered cards from ascending to descending such as 4, 5, 6 or Q, K, A, if you win, your payout will be 3 times, except K, A, 2 and A, 2, 3 will not count as cards. Sort because 2 is less than A.