“Hygienic masks” may be the cause of “Eye stye-dry eye”

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Wearing a hygienic mask incorrectly Dirty face mask It can be a cause of eye stye disease and dry eyes.

“Hygienic masks” may be the cause of "Eye stye-dry eye"

Face mask Eye stye causes

Prof. Wutthikun Dr. Sakchai Wongsakittirak Academic President of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists of Thailand And the head of Thammasat Eye Center stated that in the case of an ophthalmologist’s observation, there were reports of patients with eye disease. In particular, eye stye have increased during the COVID -19 outbreak, which may be related to wearing a mask where the edges of the mask that are not clean sometimes come in contact with the lower eyelid, causing inflammation.

Face mask Eye stye causes

If wearing a mask is not good Does not tighten the face Not attached to the bridge of the nose. Time to breathe in and out The breath will escape and enter the eyes. When the wind blows into your eyes a lot It will cause the eye fluid to dry out. Eye irritation Dry eyes include wearing a face mask too tightly. until the lower eyelid is pressed open Makes us unable to blink properly Until it causes eye irritation and dry eyes as well.

3 ways to check after wearing a hygienic mask Reduce the risk of stye-dry eyes

  1. Wear a mask tightly. Do not let the edge of the ทางเข้า ufabet mask go up to your lower eyelid.
  2. Press the mask firmly against the bridge of the nose. so that the wind does not escape the eyes
  3. Do not reuse a hygienic mask. You should change your face mask every day.

However, cases of eye inflammation or eye stye related to wearing a mask to prevent COVID-19 disease have not been officially reported in Thailand. However, from my opinion as an ophthalmologist, eye inflammation and eye stye may not be caused by a face mask. It is possible directly.