4 important factors Helps prevent autism from the beginning of pregnancy.

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Complications that occur during pregnancy , even though they are things that mothers cannot predict. But these problems do not have any way to prevent them, especially autism. This is one of the risks that can occur to pregnant mothers quite high. and is likely to continue increasing In the year 2011, the CDC or Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States announced that The number of children with autism has increased to 188. That is, out of every 88 children, there will be 1 child with autism. Today we would like to bring you 4 important things that mothers should know about autism. Tistic came to let you know. In order to help mothers prevent autism in their babies from the beginning of pregnancy .

4 important factors Helps prevent autism from the beginning of pregnancy.


An important thing during pregnancy that mothers cannot overlook or ignore is food. Because food is an important factor that will show what benefits or effects the baby in the womb will receive. In this regard, the food eaten by mothers during pregnancy It should be nutritious food. Whether it’s colorful vegetables, fruits, grains or protein at the same time. You should avoid eating processed foods and all food additives.

And although processed foods and additives are confirmed to be safe for pregnant women , these nutrients often haven’t been tested to see if they can actually affect a baby’s development. Therefore, for safety and To prevent autism in infants, it is recommended to choose foods that are specifically suitable for pregnancy, such as foods that contain fatty acids, vitamin D, or folic acid, which are nutrients that research supports that if mothers Pregnant women do not receive these nutrients during pregnancy. It may increase the risk of your child being autistic by up to 60%.

2. Toxins

during pregnancy You should avoid toxins and chemicals as much as possible. Whether it is alcohol, pesticides, or drugs, etc., the use of chemicals and drugs during pregnancy will directly affect the body through the nose, mouth, lungs, and skin. This explains that chemicals and drugs can Can enter the circulatory system. and will no doubt be sent directly to the baby in the womb


Infection during pregnancy It is considered to be a stimulant for the immune system to work too hard. It also increases the risk of neurological development causing functional impairment. Although research has not yet been done to determine what type of infection will directly affect the nervous system. But there are many studies showing that preventing the pregnant mother’s body from infection. It is indeed the best way to prevent the occurrence of autism in children.

4. Stress

Stress is considered an important factor that affects mothers and fetuses. And most importantly, stress that occurs during pregnancy also affects the development of both the immune system and hormones. However, pregnant mothers can reduce stress by trying to get enough sleep. Or try to exercise to relax your body, https://ufabet999.app etc.

There are 4 important things that we have mentioned above. It is considered something that will help pregnant mothers prevent their babies from developing autism from the beginning of pregnancy. It is also a close matter that should not be overlooked at all.