5 abnormal symptoms that occur during pregnancy The pregnant mother should see a doctor immediately.

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Various symptoms that occur in pregnant women It may be a warning sign of abnormalities that occur while the mother is pregnant. Therefore, mothers must know what symptoms occur while pregnant and must see a doctor immediately. in order to avoid subsequent losses. So today we have collected 5 unusual symptoms that occur during pregnancy. And it is considered a dangerous signal that occurs during pregnancy. Let’s share it with all mothers.

5 abnormal symptoms that occur during pregnancy The pregnant mother should see a doctor immediately.

1. Bleeding Bleeding
during pregnancy can occur for many reasons. Whether it is a vaginal infection Infection in the cervix Placenta previa occurs Including having labor pains. All of these causes can cause pregnant mothers to bleed. Therefore, no matter what the cause of the bleeding. Mothers should see a doctor immediately. Without paying attention to how many months pregnant you are. Because that is an abnormality that should be treated immediately.

2. The child moves abnormally.
Normally, babies start moving when the mother is around 20 weeks into her pregnancy. During the 28th week, you will begin to feel more movement of the สมัคร ufabet baby. Sometimes the mother will feel like the fetus is kicking, kicking, or moving her arms and legs. The doctor will have the mother count the number of her baby’s movements to assess basic pregnancy health. But if the count of movements from waking up until the evening is less than 10 times, that is a dangerous signal that the mother should see a doctor as soon as possible.

3. Severe morning sickness
Even though morning sickness is a normal symptom that happens to mothers who are pregnant. But unusual morning sickness is morning sickness that occurs after more than 14 weeks of pregnancy. Normally, at 14 weeks of pregnancy, morning sickness begins to disappear naturally. Therefore, if a pregnant mother has morning sickness during her pregnancy for more than 3 months, she cannot eat food until she loses weight. and the body is malnourished. You should immediately see a doctor to check the initial symptoms.

4. Premature birth pain
Naturally, the symptoms of labor pain are related to work. Walking or standing for long periods of time All of which can cause the stimulation of abdominal pain. But when you sit and rest, the stomach pain will go away by itself. But if symptoms like this occur often It may lead to premature birth. Therefore, when there is more abdominal pain You should see a doctor immediately to check for uterine contractions. To further evaluate the opening of the cervix.

5. Amniotic fluid breaks
when there are symptoms of water leaking. This generally results in birth. which amniotic fluid comes out of the vagina and there was a rupture of the amniotic sac If this symptom occurs during the full term of pregnancy That is a sign of birth. Therefore, no matter how many months of pregnancy If there are symptoms of amniotic fluid breaking You should take your mother to the hospital to see a doctor as soon as possible.

In each trimester of pregnancy, expectant mothers face a variety of symptoms that occur with their own bodies. Therefore, if it is an abnormal symptom as we have mentioned above. Including other symptoms such as increased vaginal discharge. Severe abdominal pain, little urination, burning sensation when urinating severe itching Or there is spotty bleeding throughout the pregnancy. You should see a doctor immediately. Shouldn’t leave it at all. For the safety of the mother and fetus.