Roulette formula great formula to win luck

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One of the fortune-telling games that gamblers around. The world say that if their luck is not lucky enough. No matter how good they play they won’t win. With a wheel with up to 37 numbers spinning. We have to predict. Where the ball the dealer throws will land. Even though it’s difficult to win. But the fun from a variety of betting formats has made many people think of roulette formulas. Until they get the most popular 10-row roulette formula. online casino It has three methods of use: UFABET

  1. Bet on 3 numbers, 10 rows . This formula, if we win, will have a payout rate of 11 times, giving a return of 20% of the bet. From the betting table, the numbers are divided into 12 rows of 3 numbers each, but we will bet 10 rows at the same time to increase our chances of winning. Suppose we bet 10 baht per row, 10 rows use a capital of 100 baht. If you win, you will get a profit of 20 baht.
  2. Bet on 6 numbers in 5 rows . This formula is similar to betting on 3 numbers, just change to 6 numbers at the same time to increase your chances of winning. Although the payout rate is 5 times, but if we bet 20 baht per row, 5 rows are 100 baht, it can make a profit of 20 baht as well.
  3. bet 2 zones and hump 3 numbers in 2 rows , let us bet on the favorite zone first, which zone to take, choose 2 zones (1 zone will have 12 numbers arranged in a row), then bet 3 numbers in 2 more rows will This means that we bet 10 rows. This bet will have payout rates of 2 times for zone bets and 11 times for 3 hunchbacks.